In order that all golfers can fully enjoy their day, here are some rules that we kindly ask you to follow :

On the course

– After a stroke, replace the clods of grass or fill with the mixture of soil and fertilizer provided by the Club

– Remove the marks left in the sand pits with your foot

– Make sure the players in front of you are far enough before playing your ball

– No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on the course or in the parking lot

– At all times, follow the marshal’s indications

– Apply the “Ready Golf” rules

On the greens

– Repair your ball marks on the greens

– Leave the green as soon as your group is finished

– Always mark your score at the next tee off and not when you are still on the green

– Be careful not to step on other golfers’ putting lines

Electric carts

– Always respect the indications that you find in your cart regarding circulation on the paths and on the course

– As you approach the greens, respect the yellow sticks

– Par 3, always on paths

Playing time

The Atlantide Golf Club aims a game time that is suitable for the vast majority of golfers. In order to optimize everyone’s experience, play “Ready Golf”.


Dress Code

All golfers who will use our practice facilities or who will have the privilege to play at the Atlantide Golf Club must respect the dress code imposed by the Club as well as the members’ committee.


– Polo shirts (with sleeves)

– Shirts with collar

– Golf pants or bermuda shorts

– Short socks


– Polo shirts

– Golf shirts (with or without sleeves)

– Skirts, bermuda shorts or golf pants

– Short socks

Not allowed

– Jeans

– Jogging pants

– T-Shirt (round neck)

– Hard cleated shoes (soccer, football, baseball)

It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the rules to follow regarding the dress code. We thank you for your collaboration !

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